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BeBryl Watson

North Lakes Composite medium JPEG SF- Beryl Watson.jpg

Beryl Watson’s paintings, on synthetic polypropylene, deconstruct natural views of places like marshes, shorelines, hills and rock formations. The goal is not in documenting the reality of these natural forms, but rather capturing a moment of observation and representing its immediacy.


Experimenting with various media, Watson applied oil colors, greatly thinned with cold pressed linseed oil to primed watercolor paper, then moved to Yupo, a polypropylene film …the slick surface allowing her to manipulate the oil paint with the fluidness of watercolors. She extracts various rhythms, patterns and repetitions, over and over again from the same photograph, often for months… her process of deconstruction.


Beryl Watson is a visual artist living in Mount Vernon, New York. She studied with Rita Myers and Jack Goldstein at the Hartford Art School, then completed her BFA at the School of Visual Arts under Anton Van Dalen, Juan Gonzales and May Stevens. Primarily a figurative artist, she has in more recent years been focusing on landscape at Pelham Art Center, under the direction of Eleanor Grace Miller.


Beryl Watson has exhibited at RoCA, W Nyack, NY; Pelham Art Center, Pelham, NY; The Cabrini Mission Foundation, NY; Savannah at Home, Bronxville, NY; Exposure at Kandombe NYC; Lagstein Gallery, Nyack NY; Renaissance Fine Art, Orangeburg, NY; Frances Schervier Hosp, Bronx, NY; The Manor Club, Pelham NY; Bronxville Women’s Club, NY; School of Visual Arts, NYC

Estuary #3 11x14      Oil on Yupo
BW-Estuary1-11X14-oil-on-paper-unframed-300 1IMG_6452_edited.jpg

Estuary #1       11x14  oil on Yupo    unframed

BW-Estuary2-11X14-oil on YUPO-unframed-300IMG_6384_edited.jpg

Estuary #2.     11x14.   oil on Yupo.   unframed

BW-Estuary4-11X14-oil on YUPO-unframed-300IMG_6422_edited.jpg

Estuary #4.      11x14. oil on Yupo.     unframed

BW-Estuary5-11X14-oil on YUPO-unframed-300IMG_6419_edited.jpg

Estuary #5.   11x14.  oil on Yupo    unframed

BW-Estuary6-11X14-oil on YUPO-unframed-300_edited.jpg

Estuary #6.   11x14.  oil on Yupo.   unframed

BW-Estuary7-11X14-oil on YUPO-unframed-300IMG_6400_edited.jpg

Estuary #7.  11x14.  oil on Yupo.    unframed

BW-Estuary8-11X14-oil on paper-unframed-300IMG_6429_edited.jpg

Estuary #8.   11x14.   oil on Yupo.    unframed

BW-Estuary3-11X14-oil on YUPO-unframed-300IMG_6425_edited.jpg

Estuary # 3.  11x14.  oil on Yupo.   unframed

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