Jennie During COVID 2020, o/c, 60x36

I became fascinated by our recent cultural shift, visually demonstrated in everyday style choices in the mask phenomenon brought on by COVID, and by extension the concept of facial recognition, identity, social status, and the personal statement. Thinking about this, one day in early spring, I encountered a woman in the supermarket wearing a taped-on blue and yellow potholder....she looked so 'normal'...it was the normalcy that struck me. What might have been downright weird months ago, wasn't.

I began a series of portraits, all  8" x 10", in oil, on cut pieces of canvas, some mine, some borrowed, and thumbtacked them to my studio wall. I sent out emails, asking for photos of people I know in their masks. Intending to do about 25, it grew to 64. Not being framed nor on a stretched canvas gave the images that feel of  both upheaval and community.

Virtual Exhibit

 Alex Hernandez, Andre Voumard, Dr Angelo Chinnici, Barbara Wygoda, Beryl Watson, Bill Robinson, Bob Robbins, Carl Rattner, Carol Lagstein, Carolyn Antoine, Carrie Steindorff, Cassie Strasser, Cecilia Lotse, Christine Milo, Christine Antoine, Cristina Biaggi, Dan Lagstein, Dan White, Dari Matilsky, Deborah Ivry, Don Bradford, Dwight Reyes, Elaine Prager, Ellen Murphy, Eric David Laxman, Gail Dressner, Jane Davis, Jennie Chien, Jim Kutz, Joanna Jacobi, Joe Serra, John Badik, John Runowicz, Joy Bird, Joy Dunleavy, Judy Foley, Karen Edelmann, Kathy Burns, Kevin Walsh, Laura Weinstock, Leslie Boden, Lisa Robb, Lori Kapner Hosp, Lourdes Maria Font, Lucia Ritacco, Lynn Honeysett, Marge Adlerman, Matt Heasley, Melissa Sgroi, Mike Horten, Morgan Miller, Pamela Wood, Peter Artin, Peter Strasser, Ray Lagstein, Richard Cohen, Roberta Bretschneider, Scott Jacobi, Shawn Dunbar, Stephanie Mayer, Steve Miller, Teresa Villareal Pobar, Therese Mahler, and Tony Cardillo. 

Pandemic Portraits are 10"x 8", oil on cut canvas sheets, $300 each. Purchases can be shipped, call for information. 845-535-1509

COVID NOTE:  For the duration of the pandemic, Gallery Hours will be limited to Saturday & Sunday only, 2-4. Please call for an appointment for in-person viewing which will be limited to 2 people at a time.

Masks are required.

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