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DC,Launch,38_ x 26_,acrylic,oil pastel on paper,unframed,$1000.jpg

Launch 38x26    acrylic, oil pastel on paper

Diane Churchill

Above/Below –

   To me, each of these paintings is an ecstatic cry in the face of our endangered world.

   Above/Below could refer to sky and land, or heaven and earth.  My interest in the vertical placement of two areas is aesthetic excitement.

    I apply many layers of paint and often draw into them with transparent oil crayons or pastels.  I like the “pentimientos” or echoes of marks underneath hinting at the life of the painting as it develops.

                                            D Churchill

An abstract painter, Churchill's primary passion is harnessing the power of color, often the color gold.


Exhibiting frequently in Rockland County and New York City, her most recent solo show was at RoCA,  W Nyack, NY, as well as  exhibiting at the Sitka Gallery and Women Celebrating Women at the El Barrio Project Space in East Harlem, with virtual shows at the Hammond Museum, Westchester Art Guild, New York Artists Circle, Soho 20 Gallery, and PFlag,


She received a degree in Art History from Wellesley College, attended the Brooklyn Museum Art School and received an M.A. in Painting at Hunter College.

DC, Black & Gold, 39_ x 26_, acrylic, pastel on paper, unframed, $1200.jpg

Black & Gold. 39x26.       acrylic, pastel on paper

DC, _Gold & Gold_, 39_ x 26_, acrylic, charcoal, pastel on paper, unframed, $1000.jpg

Gold & Gold.   39x26. acrylic, charcoal, pastel on paper

DC, Plum & Pomegranate, 39_ x 26_, acrylilc, oil pastel on paper,unframed, $1200.jpg

Plum & Pomegranate  39x26.      acrylic, oil pastel on paper

DC, My Brown Earth, 52_ x 29.5, acrylic, pastels on paper, unframed, $1300.jpg

My Brown Earth.  52x29.5. acrylic, pastel on paper

DC, Fire_Water, 42_ x 30_, acrylic,mm on paper, unframed, $1200.jpg

Fiire/Water.  42x30. acrylic, mm on paper

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