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Sept 24- Oct 22



Opening Reception Sunday Sept 24. 1-4


Drawing inspiration from the fantastical world of Salvador Dali and the avant-garde, satirical compositions of Frank Zappa, the artist embarks on a creative journey into the realm of surrealism.

Eugene's artistic odyssey began in the world of technology, a facet that profoundly influences his artistic tapestry. His portfolio is a testament to his unending exploration of cutting edge hardware and photographic techniques, yielding a trailblazing collection of artworks. As an eternal student
of photography, Eugene consistently immerses himself in the world of knowledge, devouring books, devouring training videos, and actively participating in photography classes.

For Eugene, the most gratifying aspect of showcasing his creations lies in the opportunity to unravel the technical intricacies behind his photographs. Witnessing the wonder on people's faces when they encounter his works for the very first time is a source of immense joy and satisfaction.


A native of Paris France, I was motivated by my interest in stone carving, and Josee De Creef’s work in particular, to study with him at New York’s Art Students League, followed by studies at the city’s Studio School.

Soon after, I entered the commercial art world. A job constructing large puppets for an advertising agency led me to work with Bill Baird, the master puppeteer. It was a wonderful experience, and thus began my varied creative career.

I have always been a builder—a shape-maker. I worked for zoos and casinos, advertising agencies and mannequin companies. I created displays for several major retailers. The challenges of these diverse projects, the people surrounding each one and the stories I heard from them all excited me.

I continue to do enlargements and other work for other sculptors. I find it cathartic to lend my hands to help other artists express ideas that are not mine. Yet the builder, the storyteller in me needed to express herself. Drawing inspiration from the photographs of Edward E. Curtis, I knew that I needed to enter the world of fine art.

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